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Kiliuda Consulting, LLC is an 8(a) Program certified, Alaska Native Corporation (ANC)-owned, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). Kiliuda is a subsidiary of Three Saints Bay, LLC, which is owned by Old Harbor Native Corporation, an ANC formed in the early 1970s through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Kiliuda is a Programmatic, Technical, & Administrative Services company with a proven small business track record and established contract growth. Our federal customer base with our ANC family of companies includes the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. DEA, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and U.S. Navy, among several others. We are a successful SDB performing a wide range of support across multiple agencies, with a primary focus on:

• Information Technology Consultation Services
• User and System Virtualization
• Information Research & Analysis
• Cyber Security
• Program Management
• Administrative Services
• Document Management


Kiliuda’s locations include:
Anchorage, AK | Cape Canaveral, FL | Arlington, VA | Manassas, VA | Merrifield, VA | El Paso, TX | Kabul, Afghanistan

Our Corporate Values


To provide outstanding support services to our clients in support of their mission objectives. As a value-added support services contractor, we become part of our clients' mission and we strive to become an essential part of the clients' mission success. Kiliuda offers innovative approaches and solutions to our clients and access to technical experts with the experience and capabilities to meet their unique mission requirements.

Commitment to Ethics
We are proud of our reputation for excellence; a reputation based on our commitment to the highest ethical standards. At Kiliuda, our relationships with shareholders, employees, customers, and business partners must rest on a foundation of integrity and trust. Our success is dependent on each individual's commitment to these enduring values and not one single success is worth the expense of compromising ethical behavior.

Commitment to Our Customers
Our commitment to our customers is of the utmost importance. The needs of our customers always come first. We are committed to delivering the most innovative and cost effective products, services, and solutions available in our industry. By setting and adhering to exceptional customer service standards, we are committed to making our customer's experience with Kiliuda both unique and rewarding. Kiliuda is committed to partnering with our customers to achieve their ultimate goals.
Commitment to Our Community

Kiliuda supports the members of the Old Harbor Native Alaskan community we represent by helping provide educational scholarships, employment opportunities, economic dividends, and innovation/improvements/infrastructure developments to the community. We also participate in and develop initiatives to support the local communities where we operate and work.

Commitment to Our People

We are an organization of people who value each other and who treat each other and their customers with the respect they deserve. Kiliuda is committed to creating and fostering a work environment in which employees continually demonstrate that they respect opinions, attitudes, attributes, and feelings of anyone with whom they come in contact during their daily work. At Kiliuda, we believe our employees are our #1 asset.

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